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What Is The Difference Between A Travel Company And A Travel Agent
The travel agent is the focal person that handles the travel arangements while the travel company is where the travel agent works.
What are the differences Between Travel Agent And Travel Agency?
The difference between the two is that, a travel agency is the place or company that arranges the travels that people need while the travel agent is the specific person that arranges the travel is the travel agency.
share: What is the difference between travel agent and travel agent?
Nothing because a travel agent and a travel agent are the same thing.
share: What is the difference between a cruise travel agent and a regular travel agent?
The difference between a cruise-specialist travel agent and a regular travel agent is that a cruise specialist will focus on cruising holidays. A regular travel agent will be able to source all different types of holidays and packages.
share: What is the difference between a travel agent and hotels in a travel company?
Travel agents are individuals, whereas a travel company is a corporation which hires individual travel agents to work for them. That being said, there are some travel agents who are working solo, unincorporated.
share: What is the difference between an tour opperator and a travel agent?
a travel agent sells the package, the tour opperator makes the package.
share: How can you find a good travel agent?
I would like to find the travel agent to promote our company.
share: What is the difference between a purchasing agent and a buyer in a wholesale environment?
A purchasing agent doesn`t work for the company. A buyer works as an employee for the company. Buyers and agents can work together.
share: What is the primary difference between a life and disability analyst and a life agent?
An analyst recieves compensation from his client, and the agent recieves compensation from the insurance company.
share: I am travel agent How can I booking rooms in Hilton with commission?
If you do not know how then you are not a travel agent. You draw up a contract with the hotel company.
share: What is the difference between a spy and a secret agent?
There is no difference.
share: What travel agent has iata number 34745465?
Mann Travel and Cruises. The company is based in the USA.
share: What is the Difference between brokerage and commission?
difference between broker and commission agent
share: What is the difference between mercantile agent delcredere agent broker and factor agent?
An agent (captive) works directly for a single insurance company and is limited only to that company`s offerings. A broker represents many insurance companies and can therefor provide you a multitude...
share: What is the difference between a sports agent and a sports manager?
The difference between a sport`s agent and a sport`s manager is the agent normally manages one person and a sport`s manager manages the whole team.
share: What is the difference between an agent and a proxy?
An agent may represent you in a broad variety of things. Just one or two of them, or even all of them. A proxy only speaks for your specific stock in a specific company, voting it as if he was you.
share: What is the difference between an insurance agent and insurance broker?
An Insurance Broker has a duty of care to the client to secure the best deal on the market by `broking` the insurance requirement out to all insurance companies who will accept the risk. An Agent of an Insurance Company works only for the Insurance Company concerned and thus the client will get a quote from only the insurance company the Agent represents .
share: What is a indpendant travel agent?
An independant travel advice agent is one such as charlie reid. one which is not a huge company with branches in every town or city. basically smaller ones are independant
share: What is the difference between an oxidizing agent and a reducing agent?
The difference between the oxidizing agent and the reducing agent is that the oxidizing agent is the one that loses the electrons and the reducing agent gains the electrons. You can remember it easily because it`s contradicting, and by the saying OIL RIG: Oxidized Is Lost Reduced Is Gained.
share: Does statravel agency is an authorized company?
you mean is STA travel an authorised agent. Yes they are
share: Is IT software company have travel departments?
To the extent I can make any sense out of the question, some software companies may have an in-house travel agent, if their salespeople (it`s almost always the salespeople) do a lot of traveling. This is usually an agent of an outside company who is simply sited at the software company (that is, they have an office there) because the software company is such a big client of the travel agency, and the agent probbly... Read More
share: What is the difference between drying agent and dehydrating agent?
drying agent absorbs the water content while dehydrating agent lost the water content.
share: Difference between oxidant and Cheap Hotels oxidising agent?
Something, should be
share: What is the difference between an independent insurance agency and an independent insurance agent?
The agency is the business and the agent is a person.
share: Difference between sole selling agent and sole buying agent?
they are 2 names for the same thing.
share: What is the difference between an oxidizing agent and hotel forum a fuel?
An oxidizing agent supplies oxygen, and a fuel consumes oxygen.
share: What is the difference between insurance broker and insurance agent?
An insurance broker differs from an insurance agent in that a broker is considered an agent of the Insured even though he or she may receive a commission from the insurance company A broker may sell the products of a number of insurers whereas an insurance agent has the Insurer as his principal and works in the interest of the Insurer and not the Insured
share: What is the difference between agent in authority from person in authority?
i need the answer now
share: Where can one get travel information for Paradisus Playa Conchal in Costa Rica?
The Paradisus company will provide information about their resort. Also, a travel agent or travel website, such as Expedia, will have detailed information.
share: What is a Online travel agent?
is a company that dont have a shop on the high street as usual but is a company that runs by people that choose to book their tickets and book their hotels online.
share: What is the difference between agent function and agent program in AI?
From what I understand, agent function is a program that maps the percepts to action and update the internal state. an agent program actually implements the agent function
share: hotel forum What are difference between an estate agent and Lodging an auctioneer?
An estate agent is an agent who is in control or charge or the estate. The auctioneer is the one who is going to get the most money they can from the estate and property.
share: An example of a miniple travel agent?
An example of a miniple travel agent would be the likes of Premier Travel.
share: What is the difference between CF Agent Super Stockist Stockist and a Distributor?
CF Agent super stockiest can be defined as a Carry & forwarding agent he is the first link in supply chain, he hold stock on behalf of company & forwards stock. On the other hand the Super stockiest, can be defined as an distributors which distribute products to local distributors.
share: How do you become travel agent?
how do work travel agent and how become a contects to abroad
share: What travel companies book safaris?
Almost all travel companies book safaris. One just needs to see a travel agent or a travel company to book safaris. One can find all the detail from the site Traveler.
share: What is a packaged tour holiday?
A holiday where you purchase travel tickets, accomodation and select your board status at the same time (e.g. from a travel agent). Often the services of a tour rep in the location is included. The benefits of this are that if the travel agent is properly bonded (eg. with ABTA in the UK) and the airline goes bust, the travel company is obliged to get you home.
share: What is the difference between a broker and agent in marketing and advertising?
one eats eggs for breakfast
share: What is the difference between franchise and agency?
Agency : principle is liable for the act of agent and agent get fees or commission from the principle. Franchise : Principle is not liable for the act of agent and PRINCIPAL get fees of commission form the agent.
share: Difference between tour operator and Travel agent?
A travel agent is someone who can book your travel details - flight, hotel, transportation and even tours, based on your requirements. Their responsibility is to organize your entire vacation, or as much of it as you like. A tour operator is just someone who operates a business that provides tours of a certain area or series of attractions. They will organize and schedule tours for people, and will provide the guide. Their responsibility does... Read More
share: How old do you have to be to become a travel agent?
To become a successful travel agent, you first must go to school for travel agents. This means that you must be 18 to become an agent.
share: What is difference between surrender BL or Telex Release?
If the shipper do the surrender B/L then the Shipping company will issue telex release and send it to consignee and also the shipping company will tell their agent in the destination port to release the goods without original B/L
share: The meaning of retail travel agent?
A retail travel agent is a high street agent offering a range of holidays and other services.
share: Which travel agents offer Cheap Hotels ( flights from New York to Tulsa?
The price of the flight can vary between travel agents and booking websites. Try calling a AAA agent to see what prices they can offer. Then you can compare prices on booking websites like kayak, orbitz, cheapflights, or expedia. If you travel often you can book with Orbitz. If someone else orders the same ticket through that company for less than you did, you are automatically given 110% of the difference, cheap hotels which you can use... Read More
share: What major does travel agent fall under?
Travel Agent is usually the name of the major. It should fall under Travel Agent Certificate program. The school I am attending has a Travel Agent Certificate program because that is what the major is. If you find a good hospitality school they should have a Travel Agent Certificate program. There is no B.A. or Clean Hotels B.S. degrees for this type of major.
share: Explain the role of company as a moral agent?
role of the company as a moral agent
share: Difference between travel agency and tour operator?
I would go to a travel agent to have them book a cruise or flights and Hotel Comments and maybe activities to a destination. a tour operator (for instance) could be someone who leads a group around on a bus or through a museum... with a detailed knowledge of the suject matter of the area
share: What is difference between phenol and phenolic?
pehol is standard and phenolic is the new agent being tested
share: What is a hosting agent?
A host agent is the agent for a host company.
share: Give a name of a job agent?
secret agent, travel agent, real estate agent
share: How can a Pakistani national visit south Africa?
Through a travel agent or even safari company would be Best Hotels if you don`t know the country
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